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NFC: Fw: DEN Alert: Help Stop Sprawl in Florida

DEN Alert: 
Help Stop Sprawl in Florida

Powerful special interests are working overtime in the hectic, final 
days of Florida's state legislative session to ram through bills that 
would allow more sprawling development and destroy more of our rapidly 
vanishing habitat for wildlife. In these critical last days of the 
Florida legislative session, state legislators must NOT give free 
reign to developers. Instead, they should act to protect special 
places such as the Everglades and critically endangered species 
such as the Florida Panther.


Please send a free e-mail TODAY to the governor and state legislators 
urging them to STOP THESE CONTROVERSIAL BILLS NOW!! Tell Governor 
Jeb Bush and state legislators to support strong growth management 
legislation to protect vanishing endangered habitats and wildlife 
throughout Florida. We only have a few days left. Thanks for doing 
your part to protect what's left of wild Florida!


If you have access to the web, simply click on the link below which 
will take you to the DEN Action Center web site:


If you don't have access to the Internet, please e-mail your letter 
NOW to Governor Jeb Bush at: fl_governor at myflorida_com, Florida's 
Speaker of the House Feeney at: Feeney.tom at leg_state.fl.us and 
State Senate President McKay at: mckay.john at leg_state.fl.us


Dear Governor Bush, Representative Feeney and Senator McKay:

As a resident of Florida, I urge you to support strong growth 
management laws to protect rapidly disappearing habitats and  
endangered species throughout the state. Several bills -- 
SB 310/380 and HB 1617/1487 -- do not promote sound growth 
management and must not be passed. Florida is currently experiencing 
relentless growth and development and now the state legislature must 
send a strong message to powerful special interests who are trying 
to pass a bill that will clearly lead to more, not less sprawl. You 
have heard from the citizens of Florida through surveys, hearings 
and through citizens' votes for constitutional amendments to protect 
the state's natural resource lands, water and wildlife.  Citizens 
have clearly indicated that they want strong growth management 

Earlier this legislative session, the Senate and House had growth 
management legislation addressing two sound growth management 
initiatives: one to integrate schools into community planning and 
the other to develop fiscal impact analyses regarding new development.  
State legislators need to support these bills, rather then the weak 
substitutes currently being considered. 

I look to you to help protect my quality of life, my rights as a 
citizen and the land, water and wildlife of Florida. I urge you to 
vote for strong growth management.


1) for information on Defenders of Wildlife's Florida Programs and 
the 2001 legislative session, visit: 

2) for the most up to date information as Florida's Legislative 
session wrap up, visit: 

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