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Re: NFC: where is everybody?

Hi Andrew--

I live just outside Denver, CO.  Which explains why I don't do much other 
than my 180 gal native fish tank at the wildlife refuge where I work.  For 
those who don't know, Colorado has some REALLY strict wildlife laws...and 
every person you talk to is going to give you a different answer about what 
you can and can't do.  It is illegal to buy or sell any vertebrate native to 
Colorado--or that can hybridize with a CO native--but they seem to make a 
ton of exceptions...like tiger salamanders, and bait fish.  But you have to 
buy a commercial collecting license to collect 'bait fish' (which translates 
to 'really pretty/interesting aquarium species' in my mind) and can only 
collect from man-made streams or certain natural ponds and lakes...not 
natural springs, streams, or rivers.

I guess it's good, but some days it really drives me nuts.  I was told I 
would be allowed to do any collection I wanted on the Refuge since it's 
Federal land, but since most of our water bodies are either intermittent or 
man-made, the only fish in them are sport fish (bluegill, catfish, pike, 
etc) or gambusia.  So I've been relying on Luke to send me fish for my tank 
here (Luke, can you resend me your address so I can send you a check for 
shipping?  my husband threw it out AGAIN...why oh why did I marry a 

Sorry, I'll stop griping now.  (you guys in Florida REALLY make me jealous 
you know...I can't even have a pond in my backyard without a really serious 
expenditure of money b/c of the cold)

-kris massin

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>Subject: NFC: where is everybody?
>Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 09:04:51 -0400
>I've been lurking on this list for some time now.  I think it would be
>interesting to know where everyone on this list is located.
>It seems like most of the people on the list who document their collecting 
>come from that hotbed of fish biodiversity in the Southeastern U.S.  I 
>never read posts from people in the Northeast, much less from Canada, or at
>least if I do I have no way of knowing unless the author explicitly 
>where they live.   It would be a good way of putting people in touch with 
>like-minded native fish enthusiasts in their area.  I would be happy to 
>any info. about the fish in my part of the world.
>I live in Montreal.
>Andrew O'Farrell
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