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Re: NFC: where is everybody?

> Hi,
> I've been lurking on this list for some time now.  I think it would be
> interesting to know where everyone on this list is located.
> It seems like most of the people on the list who document their collecting trips
> come from that hotbed of fish biodiversity in the Southeastern U.S.  I almost
> never read posts from people in the Northeast, much less from Canada, or at
> least if I do I have no way of knowing unless the author explicitly mentions
> where they live.   It would be a good way of putting people in touch with other
> like-minded native fish enthusiasts in their area.  I would be happy to share
> any info. about the fish in my part of the world.
> I live in Montreal.
> Regards,
> Andrew O'Farrell

S.E. Wisconsin. I went collecting this weekend and got some really nice looking
Central Mud Minnows and an as yet, unidentified sunfish. I'm pretty sure it's a
female Orange Spotted, but not positive, yet. I also got a Three Spined Stickelback
mixed in with some minnows I bought. (I love surprises!)