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.sig files (was Re: NFC: where is everybody?)

aofarrel at sprint-canada_com wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been lurking on this list for some time now.  I think it would be
> interesting to know where everyone on this list is located.


> jake levi wrote:
> > Hi Ray
> > where are you located?
> >

It used to be a near-mandatory bit of netequette to attach a .sig file to
*any* posting to either a mail list or to a newsgroup. [Just like never
using MIME or HTML, or attachments of any kind.]

AOL and the like put an end to that level of courtesy, unfortunately.

The file should contain one alternate form of contact, and an approximate
location (small country, province or state; town in larger ones). Shipping,
live foods, and even fishkeeping are geography dependent, so it truly is an
essential courtesy, here, IMO.

Most e-mail editors contain an option for automatically adding a simple text
file to all messages. Keep it short, for it gets archived on many lists and
the archive owner can get peeved if it runs much more than 4 lines.
[Carriage returns only count as one character, BTW.] The "--" right before
mine is recognized by all majordomo and similar list programs as an "end"
command to stop trying to read commands in the .sig file. Add them if you
editor doesn't do it automatically. Saves you grief, later when subbing or
unsubbing from lists.

I'd sure like it if folks would take the small amount of trouble that is
required to add such signatures to their list e-mail. It's long-term useful
and only a short, one-time bother. [Jokes, like in mine, need frequent
changing as they grow old fast.]



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