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NFC: Further Wisconsin Reports

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From: "R. W. Wolff" <choupiqu at wctc_net>
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Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 21:44:55 -0500
Subject: Re: NFC ....any help out there ?RR's rant
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  More than busy but its easier with the oldest doing so many things on
own. I will check out the flier at the web site then.  I had one response
from a Jake Levi, and wrote to him.

  Hope I don't get stewed for maybe stirring up a can of worms with my
rantings, but this is something I believe strongly in.  Listing fish that
are no longer in trouble, or just "edge of the range " takes away from
fish ( and other things) that really do need help.  Things like the box
turtle and wood turtle truly do need protection here. I have been to
where they are supposed to be found, and have not seen a one, at prime
I might add. I have seen only a couple box turtles ever, and never a wood
turtle. I even had a location told to me where I coudl easily see a wood
turtle in the wild, not a one, and this was egg laying time.  I use the
turtle example because I do not know enough about other fish on the list
Wisconsin other than Fundulus dispar, which is another one that appears
be outdated to me, though its range in the state is considerably smaller
than the longears is..  Ray Katula is working on that one I think, or he
anyways.  I think something has to be said for the fact that fish do not
read the signs that say " you are now entering X state and leaving state
I think a more productive way to list fish ( since they are totally
would be by water shed, such as those maps found on the USGS site.

  In other news I plan the hunt for orange throat darters in Wisconsin
year. Ty Hall is helping me with this, since he is near the area they
be found.  He has picked three streams so far to sample that look good. 
hope we find them, that would be cool. This is in the Illinois Fox river
water shed.  There is also supposed to be redear sunfish here, though I
caught them on occassion in other parts of the state.