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Re: NFC: Ray Wolff report....

Hi Ray
where are you located?

I caught zillions of longears out of farm ponds in Mo,
but here in NY the peltastes is limited to the
tributaries of Tonawanda Creek and doesnt tolerate
silted or polluted waters wanting clean running water.
I have been emailing with our state rare fish agent re
to stocking some 'seed' populations in some ponds but
dont know if this will fly yet. I would really like
any information that you have on this species. It is
listed as threatened in NYS and definitly a species of
concern. The fisheries folks in Avon Regional DEC,
just about 40 miles from the Tonawanda water shed have
never seen one.
--- robert a rice <robertrice at juno_com> wrote:
> Hey Robert,
>   Here is what I am working on locally that may ( or
> may not) be of
> interest.  The northern longear- Lepomis peltastes (
> megalotis peltastes)
> is
> still listed threatened, since 1978.  I was thinking
> no one can be
> surveying
> the populations of this fish. I have been steadily
> checking all dots, and
> similar areas on maps I dig up. Each dot except one
> unverified one.
> whether
> an old pre 80's or new location, has this fish in
> abundance. In fact, it
> is
> often the most common Lepomis.  I am sure no one
> will listen to my silly
> non
> scientific research, but if I know one fish, its the
> group that is called
> sunfish.  I would rate the peltastes second to only
> green sunfish in its
> ability to adapt to new habitats, and colonize
> suitable areas, which
> range
> from clear streams to muddy backwaters.  of course
> my research on this
> fish
> is mostly for selfish reasons, if it were not
> listed, I could legally
> keep
> it.  But hey, I am not getting any other reasons to
> do this, so why not?
> No
> matter the means, I am getting some useful
> information on this beautiful
> fish.
> Secondly I am still keeping with my ponds and
> fishroom and trying to (
> most
> this stuff is stored in the inadequate hard drive
> called my brain) the
> interactions, breeding, and growth of various
> sunfish, killifish, and
> some
> others. This information is probably some what
> useful to help others
> working
> with similar fish, or similar set ups that are
> directed at fish that are
> in
> some kind of peril.
>   Time is at a premium though, with two daughters,
> and everything else,
> but
> maybe some of my wild Ideas could bolster and
> benefit others?
> Ray

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