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NFC: NFC got fish ?

Title: RE: hi Robert
Can we send a load of fish to the raliegh aquaium society for an auction ? here is what they want !
Well, for a monthly meeting, we could probably use up to about 60-70 fish.
For our annual workshop, probably as many as you could send:-)

We have members that keep natives, killies, regular tropicals and cichlids.
As far as cichlids go, there's probably less interest in the monsters like Jack dempseys,
oscars,etc. More interest in the smaller to medium sized ones (dwarfs, firemouths, etc). Also there'd be good interest in

the traditional "tropicals".. small catfish, barbs, livebearers, or whatever. There would be interest in
a few plecos probably, but not a whole lot of them. Other large catfish like Syndondonis would garner
a lot of interest though.

Really a mixed assortment would be good. If you have a list of commonly available species, I can be
more specific..  But that's kind of a general idea of where our interests lie in.

Thanks for responding.