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Re: NFC: Re: NFC ....any help out there ?RR's rant

all isnot gloom and doom, nor is it all sunny and

there is a core of involved folks here, and my
perception from the list is that the involvement is
slowly growing. 

For my part I had been on the fence on one of two
moves this summer which at this time neither looks to
so I am hoping to be much more involved both in my own
collection as well as with the association.
Additionally, I have found a beaver pond alongside a
state park here and adjoining private land which
appears to be devoid of fish, I am trying to find out
who owns it to get permission to put in a couple of
fish traps. If, it is free of fish then I will
approach our NY DEC area office about using it for a
stocking of several of our threatened NY
species.Ifnot, then it would be great for some perch
and pikerel.

I have met the area fisheries manager and had several
good chats with him and have been emailing the NY DEC
rare fish specialist and hope to meet him next month.I
would like to see a population of the Longears put in
the pond even though it is out of their area. Possibly
with some pikerel. One project I have in mind. Another
is to get a population for home rearing of the Mud or
Barred Sunfish, along with some juvenile lake
in stock tanks in the back yard.All of which are
either threatened or extirpated from NY. I am setting
up some daphnia tanks out there so have even more
reason to be there. 

Bottom line, I would like to see more of us involved
locally in whatever capacity that we can, and getting 
local projects going takes time, far more time then we
often believe. I think building a good relationship
with your area dept of natural resources(in NY its the
DEC) can only pay dividends.But its a slow process.

Re RR, what can I say? He has done yeoman work and
everyone elses keeping this going. His articles alone
are more then enough apart from his other efforts. I
hope that there is some piece of the load that each of
us can pick up and carry, either instead of or along
with him.

--- Chuck Miro <nativefish at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Robert,
> I feel for you, for sure. I've been head of
> volunteer organizations before
> and in fact work as a staff member for a large
> volunteer organization, so I
> know how much pain and frustration you're probably
> feeling. I feel your
> pain, dude. ;)
> In any given organization, it's generally the case
> that 10 percent of the
> members will be active at any given time, with about
> 5 percent active on an
> ongoing and consistent basis. If the NFC's numbers
> are better than this,
> then you're doing pretty good.
> Knowing that you're only gonna get 10 percent of
> your members off their
> butts at any given time means that you need a large
> membership base from
> which to draw volunteers. Fewer members means fewer
> volunteers.
> Chuck Miro
> Potomac Basin

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