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NFC: Fw: April Flowers! nothing! Where did the Rain go? Come to think of it, where did APRIL go?

April may not be one of my all time remembrances.  It went by so
quickly my head is still spinning.  Since the country is warming up
(dare I say) to summer, cultures should be put into spots that get
even moderate sun.  They'll become harder to manage if allowed to
cook!  For most sizable bodies of water, temperature is not a problem
usually, but in tubs, glass containers and such, it can be serious.
Algae cultures will show quick die offs if left to too much
heat/sun...  Daphnia will grow hoods to help dissipate the heat... if
your daphnia start wearing helmets, then the culture is getting hot!
So, in planning your culture needs, use alcoves, ledges, and areas
that get some sun, but not brutal :)  You may find micro algal
cultures will do nicely in 'indirect' sun as well....

FW Rotifers production notes :  Air on FW rotifers in the 50 - 60
bubbles/min range is very helpful in production.  If one keeps a
steady feeding at  AM and PM intervals, a beautiful feeding density
occurs.... then siphon them into a 50 micron sieve, rinse into a bowl
with algae/feed in it... allow the Rotifers to eat for a bit (5
minutes?) then feed them to your little new hatched fish larvae...
YUM.  Some people like to rinse them again from the algae water before
feeding them to larvae, but I find algae helps "sweeten" tank water -
personally :)

Thanks to Al Zelin for sending me some information on Daphnia (general
plankton information).

The information pages are being updated.  Flashes will come as soon as
pages are up.  New news on daphnia magna, ceriodaphnia dubia, brine
shrimp, fresh water rotifers, salt water rotifers, general fish
keeping, and a neat program the Native Fish Conservancy is doing -
Adopt-a-Tank program!


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Until Next Time...
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