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Re: NFC: gainesville collecting rip and BBQ ?

I should be able to make it.  Keep me informed.


Quoting robert a rice <robertrice at juno_com>:

> I  will be takeing 5/12 as my day of for the 
spring.....any locals want
> to catch fish and burn some chicken ?My tentative 
plan is to hit poe
> springs for spotted bullhead and ellasoma okefenokke 
then burn some
> yardbird and some presidental drink ! All are welcome 
contact me off list
> if interested
> Robert Rice
> NFC President  www.nativefish.org
> check out our email list at nfc-owner at actwin_com
> Visit out Adopt A Tank , Exotics Removal, and 
Breeders Club Programs at
> the website