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From: Bruce Scott BR0630 at aol_com shipping paid by buyer

Box 1                            $12 Donna Sink

3 gravid female dwarf crayfish (if the timing is right)C.shufeldtii

3 golden topminnows F. chrysotus

3 tadpole madtoms N.gyrinus

I BID  $15.00  ON THIS ITEM ---- Box 1
From: Chris Perry fishystuff00 at hotmail_com                         
$5 Bruce Scott
micro worms for auction, 3 cultures starting at $3 each.... 
Shipping is extra

I BID $5.00 ON THIS ITEM --- 
Charles Anderton
Round Rock, Texas
"Nobody cares in what direction you want the wagon to
go if you won't get out of it and help push." --Jonah Goldberg