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NFC: Jonah's Fish News

The latest from Jonah's Aquarium:

Now, by popular demand, Jonah's Aquarium accepts Visa and MasterCard!

We will be attending the American Livebearer Association convention in
Kalamazoo, Michigan April 28th and 29th.  If you will be in the area, you
can order now, and pay no shipping charges on fishes and supplies that we
deliver to you at the ALA show.  Items that are listed with an order number
must be ordered immediately to make this opportunity.  All other fishes and
non-numbered supplies can be ordered as late as April 26th for delivery to
Kalamazoo.  This is a great opportunity to order fishes and items such as
gravel and pay no shipping if you can be in Kalamazoo on April 28th or
29th.  Check out the ALA web site for convention info -- www.livebearers.org

Also, if you don't hear back from us over the next few days, that's because
we will be out getting some new fishes for our fish list.  Check the web
site on Tuesday, April 24th to see the latest arrivals.  Possible new
additions include perch, bass, walleye, pumpkinseed, rudd, crappie and
maybe some hard to find species that we don't want to tantalize you with
until we have them in hand and ready to distribute.  Check our list at
http://jonahsaquarium.com/fishlist.htm next week for the latest.

If you can't make the ALA show, we plan to bring back some new livebearers
to offer on our fish list following the convention.  Check out
http://jonahsaquarium.com/fishlist.htm after the April 29th convention.

Natural Aquarium Gravel Now Available -- See

New Books from Jonah's Aquarium --
Peterson's Field Guide to Atlantic Coast Fishes (North America), $12.00
Peterson's Field Guide to Pacific Coast Fishes (North America), $13.50
Fishes of Utah: A Natural History, $26.00
The Fishes of Ohio by Milton B. Trautman, $30.00
Fishes of Arkansas, $25.00
See the Book List for more info -- http://jonahsaquarium.com/books.htm

Electronic Digital Thermometer $16.50 -- See it at

If you would like to keep up on the latest developments, send a message to
jonah at mail_jonahsaquarium.com and say "Keep me posted".

Thanks for listening.

Jonah's Aquarium
jonah at mail_jonahsaquarium.com