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NFC: Re: Styro Shipping Boxes....

Hi Charles,

I don't know if you found all of the shipping boxes you wanted to a while
back. If not, here are a couple of more suggestions. The first three are
saved from list entries. I'm sure the others were mostly courtesy of other
aquarists too.

Try http://www.polyfoam.com/ for styro shipping containers.

Veterinarians are also a good source of styro boxes. All you usually have to
do is tell them you would like to help them recycle them ;) ...

Most of the supermarket Pharmacies have perishable medicine such as insulin
delivered in small heavy duty styros perfect for shipping killies. Most
Pharmacies just toss them out. Ask your friendly Pharmacist to save you
a few.

Those meat companies that mail frozen meat have great boxes. Sometimes
hospitals send medicines or organs in styros appropriate for their purposes.
If they don't want them after use, they will certain be appropriate for your
purposes. Most people respond pretty positively to recycling good boxes
rather than dumping them in a landfill. Also I think the use of chlorine is
involved in the production of them too. Always good to keep the ozone hole
in mind. ;)

Almost any business which needs to ship delicate items at controlled
temperatures may have extra boxes. Often they retail for quite a bit if you
had to purchase them.

All the best!