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Re: NFC: Styro Shipping Boxes....


You might want to check with your local aquarium shop.  I use to manage a
small shop a few years ago and we always had more styro shipping boxes than
we knew what to do with, I would give them away.   Good luck!

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Hi all ... Some time ago I bought some small styro boxes from someone on the
list... If  that person would get back in touch with me I would appreciate
getting a few more if they are available... Thinking Jeremy was the one....
Are you still out there?
I got 4 or 5 from you and would like a few more as I am shipping fish now.
Thanks in advance,
Charles Anderton
Round Rock, Texas
"Nobody cares in what direction you want the wagon to
go if you won't get out of it and help push." --Jonah Goldberg

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