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NFC: Fw: FWL: Re: Collecting

from Bill Duzen:
Went collecting yesterday afternoon with a couple of friends and a couple of
6 and 10 year old kids.  Seeing the expressions on the kids faces every time
they were able to catch something made the whole trip more than worthwhile.

At the first site, a drainage pond between the road and some railroad tracks
we caught many brook sticklebacks, some Eastern newts, and some dwarf
crayfish.  One of the crayfish (all were the same size 1 1/2 ") was an
overall copper-orange color. The front pinchers of all the crayfish were very
small, almost as small as a prawns.  Does anyone know of a book on North
American crayfish?  Also caught were bull frog tadpoles and three other kinds
of tadpoles that I put in one of my ponds to see what they grow up to be.  

The second site was a small brook that I hoped to find some more of the
livebearing apple size snails that I found the previous summer.  No snails
but many Pumpkinseeds, Blue gills and I think some Pumpkinseed X BlueGill
hybrid that had a violet sheen on its flanks.

The third site was Big Sisters Creek that drains into Lake Erie.  There we
found some of the brightest and deep blue colored Rainbow darters I have ever
seen.  Also caught were breeding pairs of central stonerollers ( Campostoma
anomalum), a huge Common shiner ( Notropis cornutus), about 8 inches, and
some pairs of Long nosed dace (Rhinichthys cataractae).  Also, we found some
Black nosed Dace (Rhinichthys atratulus).

The fourth site was Delaware Creek, also draining into Lake Erie, we found
some Fantail darters, different colored Rainbow darters (not as much blue as
the ones from Big Sisters) Johnny Darters and some more central stonerollers.

Water temperature was about 48 degrees in the creeks and 55 in the drainage
pond.  All and all it was a very nice way to pass an afternoon.