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Re: NFC: pool into pond?

At 12:54 PM -0500 4/11/01, Kristine Weisbrod Massin wrote:
>My uncle-in-law in Miami did that with his swimming pool.  He actually just
>emptied it, refilled it with clean water, turned off all his pumps, threw in
>a ton of water lilly & other plants.  He actually raises non-native fish for
>eating :) maybe I'll get him converted one of these days.  He feeds at the
>same time every day and when he wants a couple for dinner he just holds the
>net under 'em while he feeds.  Seems to work great.  Apparently he's had
>this thing going for at least 10 years.

Do you know what kind of fish he's raising?  Tilapia?

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