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Re: NFC: pool into pond?

"Scott D. Goett" wrote:
> What do yo all think about the idea of turning a inground swimming pool into a
> pond?  My parents in South Florida have an approximately 10,000 gallon (I think)
> swimming pool that never gets used.  I am unsure of exactly the type of filter
> on
> it.  It has something to do with earth.  Obviously one would have to not add
> chlorine and neutralize the exsiting chorine, but what else has to be done to
> convert and maitain something like that?

Figger out how to keep the algae and water critters from destroying that
fine white plaster!

The bottom is also not flat, so it would need to be half-filled with
substrate material, if you want plants to grow in it. Tubs, maybe?


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