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Re: NFC: Walmart surprise

I was browsin in Walmart yesterday, and always go by
the fish section, sometimes they have decent plants,
the fish rarely are!

Anyhow, the clerk in charge was asking another clerk
if she knew what this fish was she had just moved from
Koi tank, I heard her say it wasnt a cichlid. I paused
and asked if she was wondering about a fish and she
points to a greenish fish in a tank by itself, half
the dorsal fin was gone, its 2-3" long, with a long
blackish gill cover with a white outline to it, I said
sure, its a Lepomis megalotis, also known as a long
eared sunfish, or a hybrid of one. She laughed and
said she had thought it was a gamefish!

I then asked her what she was going to do with it and
she said its a gamefish I cant sell it, so I brought
it home. The puzzler is that that its classified
threatened in NYS and supposedly the only population
is in the waters running into Tonawanda Creek, which
is a good 60 miles from Geneseo NY where the Walmart
is. Our guess was someone had it, and dropped it off
at the store over the weekend. There is a college
there so maybe a Buffalo area student had it. Who

Its doing fine right now in a ten gallon with some
water sprite and java moss, and some salt to help heal
the chewed up dorsal fin. I called the area DEC
office, got the usual message and left another to call
me , briefly discribed the situation, and we shall

Strange how natives get around isnt it?

I had planned on getting 3-5 of these this year, only
not quite this way. I have to go to Rochester this
so will stop by the DEC office.


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