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Re: sturgeons at the LFS (was: NFC: Auction Question)

Ty Hall wrote:

>>  I was in a pet shop in Tifton Georgia, two weeks ago 
>>  and he had a tank full of 2" long Sturgeon. I am not sure 
>>  of the exact species and I don't know where he got them 
>>  nor the price. But, if someone is real interested they could 
>>  call information and ask for the Tifton Pet Center, in Tifton 
>>  Georgia. The guy may be willing to mail order some, 
>>  although I don't know for sure. I have the phone number at 
>>  home, so if information doesn't have it let me know and I'll 
>>  look it up.

My best LFS in Gainesville Florida ("AquaTropics") has received small (6") sturgeons on at least three occasions I'm aware of within the past two months. And I don't even usually look at the fish in stock, usually I pop in and out quickly once a week just to get some live brine shrimp, so it's entirely possible they gotten more surgeons every week, and I just haven't been looking. I'm pretty sure the owner gets his fish from Tampa (?doesn't everyone), but I don't know any specifics.
The ones I've seen have been a short-nosed type, but somehow I got the impression they're from the baltic sea area, and are not a native species. (Aren't all the N.A. species protected, or am I confused?)   I was stunned when I first saw them in the store, I can tell you, I was simply not prepared to see a tank full of sturgeon at the pet store, big-time WOW factor. Very cute little buggers, really. Probably won't stay that way (cute & little, esp. the latter), of course. "Excuse me dear, okay with you if I [mumble mumble, lower voice to near-inaudible level] flood the living room permanently to make it into a fish-tank?"

But it seems that, for better or worse, they're becoming relatively easy to get through normal commercial channels.

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL