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Re: NFC: Sturgeon Available

O K, you reply faster then the speed of light, ignore
the previous post :-) Would you email me the pricing
etc privately?
--- Mark <mbinkley at columbus_rr.com> wrote:
> Jonah's Aquarium http://jonahsaquarium.com/  will
> have shovelnose sturgeon
> (Scaphirhynchus platorynchus) available in a week or
> two.  Here's a
> description of them:
> Also known as the hackleback sturgeon, this sturgeon
> lives in much of the
> same regions as the lake sturgeon but is not in the
> Great Lakes. The
> shovelnose gets its name from the flat, broad snout.
> It is a small species
> seldom reaching more than three feet in length or
> weighing more than 6
> pounds. The caudal fin has a long extension which is
> thread-like in
> appearance but may be worn off in older fish.
> The sturgeon will be available in retail quantities
> (as many or as few as
> you like) from this site: 
> http://jonahsaquarium.com/
> Mark
> Columbus Ohio USA            <))><
> mbinkley at columbus_rr.com

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