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Re: NFC: Auction Question

Yep, its in Mn I think, I found it on a search for
Lake Sturgeon. I didnt bookmark it. Try a search
through yahoo on Lake Sturgeon.

A aquarium distributor in Fla, Segrest, sells the
sterlet, from the Baltic area, they get to about 4.5'
and arenot restricted in the US. They list them around
$5 I think. They are CITES II but in trade.
--- Theduuz at aol_com wrote:
> Hi,
> I used to have a the address of a web site that sold
> sturgeons and bowfins 
> but now I seem to have lost it, the site, not my
> mind.  Does anyone out there 
> know what I am talking about?
> Bill

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