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Re: NFC: Auction Question-water hyacinth

--- Sajjad Lateef <sajjad at acm_org> wrote:
> 	I want some Hyacinth and water lettuce and other
> floating/emergent plants - anyone have any they want
> to auction off? 

Water Hyacinth, or Eichornia crassipes is considered a
noxious weed by Arizona, Florida, and South Carolina. 
Any plants offered can neither originate nor be sent
to these states.  This plant isn't cold hardy so I
don't know of any restrictions in our colder states,
but please be cognizant of what you do with this
plant.  Its close relative, the anchored Hyacinth, or
Eichornia azurea is considered a Federal Noxous weed
and cannot be sent across state lines. Water Hyacinth
is one of the plants associated with the demise of
some cichlids in Lake Victoria.



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