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Re: NFC: Adopt-a-Tank

Hey Brian!

Do a write up for it -- if I like it, I'll publish it.  If you want to
mail me pictures, my addy is :
J. Wiegert
4977 Battery Ln #109N
Bethesda, MD, 20814.


btpmsi wrote:
> All,
> I have some photos of me with the kids as I am testing the water before
> introduction of the fish into my son's schoolroom Adopt-a-tank.  I have no
> easy way to scan these, so who should I send them to ? Would this be worth
> an article for the Flier? The reason I ask is because with the placement of
> this tank in their classroom, the principal has begun to use it as
> "recruiting" tool for prospective parents at the school's open house. She is
> showing it off as an example of the kind of education their kids (this is
> pre-school) are getting access to. Also, my son's teachers have decided to
> structure the balance of the years teaching plan around the tank and the
> fish. The theme is "What animals live in our rivers?" and the first part of
> this plan is to go on a field trip out to the Bonneville Dam Fish ladder and
> viewing platform up in the Columbia gorge. The state Fish and Game Dept. is
> predicting the largest run of Columbia Spring Chinook Salmon since 1938
> (when they first started keeping records) this year. As of this weekend, the
> fish ladder observation area is reporting 700 fish per day going past the
> observation windows. We will be there right near the peak of the run of
> something like 2,000 fpd, so the kids should get a real eyeful!
> LMK, how you want me to proceed with this.
> Brian Perkins
> West Linn, OR
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