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NFC: Adopt-a-Tank


I have some photos of me with the kids as I am testing the water before
introduction of the fish into my son's schoolroom Adopt-a-tank.  I have no
easy way to scan these, so who should I send them to ? Would this be worth
an article for the Flier? The reason I ask is because with the placement of
this tank in their classroom, the principal has begun to use it as
"recruiting" tool for prospective parents at the school's open house. She is
showing it off as an example of the kind of education their kids (this is
pre-school) are getting access to. Also, my son's teachers have decided to
structure the balance of the years teaching plan around the tank and the
fish. The theme is "What animals live in our rivers?" and the first part of
this plan is to go on a field trip out to the Bonneville Dam Fish ladder and
viewing platform up in the Columbia gorge. The state Fish and Game Dept. is
predicting the largest run of Columbia Spring Chinook Salmon since 1938
(when they first started keeping records) this year. As of this weekend, the
fish ladder observation area is reporting 700 fish per day going past the
observation windows. We will be there right near the peak of the run of
something like 2,000 fpd, so the kids should get a real eyeful!

LMK, how you want me to proceed with this.

Brian Perkins
West Linn, OR

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