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NFC: Fw: Freshwater Fishes

Dear friend we are creating a new site dedicated to european freshwater
fishes, and fishing
We have made a voluntary association  "ICHTHYOS" for the defense of
freshwater that will use our url for the online work.

We are serching people, associations, clubs interested in this area to
collaborate on this new

We have a server dedicated to this work, and we are able to give all the
free space for who
wants to develop his own initiative or collaborate to this new

At this moment the site it is only in italian language, sorry.

The url is          http://www.ittiofauna.org

The site is under construction, but in the section WEBMUSEUM are shows
all the 219
species of the european freshwater.


for advice      s.porcellotti at terrambiente_org

Thanks for Your attention