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Re: NFC: Blue-Green algae as a health risk to humans

Hey Chuck

Some types of cyanobacteria produce VERY high levels of toxins that can
be very harmful to human beings.  Every year, there are reports of dogs
that die from drinking from a pond undergoing an Anabaena bloom.  So,
yes, some cyanobacteria can potentially be harmful to human beings. 
However, MOST types produce little or no toxins, and some may even have
health benefits to people.  Spirulina, for instance, is widely used as a
health food, though I doubt its actual benefits (not to mention the very
large risks involved in taking it. . . . . )  Supposidly, people have
gotten sick from the Spirulina Tablets when high levels of Anabaena
contaminated it.  Other cases of sickness from them have been linked to
Daphnia (sea-food alergies) and other pollutants.  

CEFCHURCH at aol_com wrote:
> Does anyone know if Blue-Green algae is considered to have health risks to
> humans?
> TIA,
> Chuck Church
> Indianapolis, Indiana USA