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Re: NFC: Fw: [LIVEBEARERS] Black Banded Sunfish

The ramz horny snailz problem has been solved; it was either a lack of
calcium or the water chemistry was to acidic. It seems since I was using
straight rain water there was insufficient calcium in the water and the
shells were depleting. I have since added dolomite to the water in an
attempt to reverse the process.  If I get an abundance of Blackbanded
Sunfish I will inform you. At any rate I should have an adequate supply next
year, since any I acquire will be put into outdoor pools to breed.
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> James,
> I read the blackbanded sunny post but not the ramshorn snail post to which
you referred.  What is your problem with ramshorns?  I am somewhat an expert
on their biology.
> Also, if you are lucky enough to encounter excesses of blackbandeds, I am
also a sunfish guy and have been wanting some of these for years.
> Thom DeWitt
> >>> gollum at abs_net 03/19/01 10:54AM >>>
> > Black Banded Sunfish
> >
> >
> > > Anyone interested in getting a collecting trip for Black Banded
> I
> > > do not know the area where they are found and would like to see the
> > natural
> > > habitat as well as add them to my burgeoning collection of fish.
> > > reply either through the list or at   gollum at abs_net   so we can plan
> > > trip for early April.
> > >
> > > James
> > >
> > > Ps: Thanks for all the replys on the ramz horn snailz. I have added
> > dolemite
> > > to the water in the hopes I have not killed them all. the snail killer
> >
> >