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NFC: Press release please pass it on.

March 20 2001
Press Release The Native Fish Conservancy (NFC)  St. Paul Minnesota:

The NFC receives a 150 setup equipment Grant from Marineland:

The NFC  a 501c3 non profit agency has received a substantial equipment
grant from Marineland aquarium products to further their Adopt A Tank
Program in schools and Libraries. The Adopt A Tank Program encourages
teachers, community leaders and students to set up a local species tank
for study and display. A local species tank teaches basic aquatic science
, local species id and has proven to be a real catalyst in environmental
education. Participants report a surprising amount of interest in local
species by both the students and the community at large. Through this
grant participants are given free aquarium equipment to facilitate
setting up a tank of local fish . When combined with the efforts of an
NFC mentor , this has proven to be a powerful combination to a successful
local fish species/public display experience.

To learn more about this and other exciting programs contact the NFC at
president at nativefish_org or visit their web site at www.nativefish.org 
just follow the Adopt A Tank link and finally by mail at 3635 NW 68th
Lane Gainesville Fl 32653. To reach Marineland and see their worthwhile
products visit your local pet store or their web site at