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NFC: Great fish!!

Hi Gerald,
    I picked up the fish from James on Saturday.  Great fish, great
selection.  Dave picked up his crescent shiners that night.  He suggested my
100 gallon with a frontosa and couple of large tinfoil barbs would make a
great minnow tank.  I was a little worried about the frontosa, but he is a
whimp.  Anyway half the mrbd went in the 100, the other bag in a 15 gallon
without filter.  The next morning the ones in the 100 were great, the ones
in the 15 laying on the bottom.  They got scooped to the 100, where
everybody seems happy.
    The darters are in a ten gallon, and I think may be showing spawning
behavior!  Two are dancing around, with one fish with an ovipositor.  I
don't have anywhere at the moment to move them.
    Not a fish in the whole lot was dead or even apparently stressed.
Thanks for such a great shipment.                George