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NFC: Re: Hummers (OT)

Actually, that's a little out of date....when biologists studied individual 
birds, they found that only sick / unhealthy / otherwise disadvantaged birds 
changed their migrations patterns based on feeder supplies. Hummingbirds 
actually cannot survive on feeders alone--they require the nutrients and 
proteins found in nectar and insects (yes, they eat insects too). Feeders 
are just extra calories for them ... sortof like a slurpie or an ice cream 
cone for us..can't live on them, wouldn't want to, but provide some extra 
calories & energy.

check out www.sabo.org/hbfaqs.htm for some good summarized info about the 
little guys. I found this site a year or two ago when I was researching 
hummingbirds pretty intensely for a nature program at the Refuge....until my 
boss mentioned that we don't have hummingbirds on the shortgrass prairie, 
even as migrants.  Sheesh....they didn't tell me that collection permits are 
impossible to obtain for fish, didn't tell me no hummingbirds, didn't tell 
me way too much when I agreed to move to Denver!


    From: Wright Huntley Reply-To: nfc at actwin_com To: nfc at actwin_com 
Re: NFC: hummers spotted (OT) Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 08:55:44 -0800

jake levi wrote: > > Scott > > its an excellent supplement for them.

They overwinter here, too, if people feed them. When they move away or stop
feeding, the migratory pattern has been lost and they starve to death.
Feeding them is not wise (or at least kind), IMHO, under those
circumstances. YMMV.


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