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NFC: Fwd: Spinning fish

I'm forwarding this post from the Apistogramma mailing list.  Does anyone 
have any experience with this in flag fish?  Any suggestions?



>From: "Eric Martina" <emartina at uiuc_edu>
>Reply-To: apisto at listbox_com
>To: "Apisto Group" <apisto at listbox_com>
>Subject: Spinning fish
>Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 15:43:55 -0600
>I had a pair of flag fish in my 29 gallon grow out tank to control the hair
>algae in there. Today I switched one over to one of my ten gallon tanks so
>he could eat the algae that had sprung up in there. The water conditions in
>both tanks are the same. I checked in on him about an hour later and he is
>swimming around spinning, very quickly, to his left uncontrollably. It is
>the weirdest thing I have ever seen. The closest thing to this is when you
>are fishing and have a big musky on next to the boat and it starts rolling.
>Except this flag fish has been rolling for over ten minutes (that I have
>seen). Any ideas what this is?
>Eric Martina
>University of Illinois
>Electrical Engineering
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