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Re: NFC: Back from the email dead....

Chris Guppenberger wrote:
> After my wonderful ISP decided to charge all its users then close shop and
> run off out of the country with our cash.......
> I am back!


> Hope I didnt miss much....

Naah. I haven't posted anything. :^)

> Does anyone raise clown loaches????? If so can yta contact me off the list?
> Got some questions for ya!

Shoot them at me, Chris, as I keep a few, mostly for snail control, but also
for entertainment.

MY ISP did yours one better (better for me, I think). I got totally wrapped
around an axle over AT&T and their truly bad @home service, so I signed up
for DSL.

Slow connects and e-mail delivered up to 3+ months late finally did it. I
signed up with Firewire (FreeDSL) and spent weeks getting the phone lines
tested and a modem delivered. This past week they notified me they were
dropping out of the business and would let me know what to do next Tuesday.

Thankfully I hadn't gotten all you folks to change my addy in your address
books. When I do find a (permanent) DSL service, I'll change. Meanwhile, I
have always had an alias at the address below in my .sig file. If my @home
address suddenly disappears, use that one. I'll try to keep it pointed at a
live service. I'm also wright at bettas_org, but feel guilty about using it as
I think I'm down to about three Betta species and don't have plans to breed
any of them, again.

Ain't technology great? :-)


Wright Huntley, Fremont CA, USA, 510 494-8679  wright at killi dot net


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