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NFC: Re-appearing Messages

Apparently, as the Earth orbits the sun and rotates, it occassionally
strikes, at a very small tangent, a strange spacial phenomenon known
only as the Strand.  The Strand cuases people and things to to
occassionally see things from other times.  Sometimes, it makes you
swear you've had this same lunch, an odd phenomenon known as
Well, the Actwin Server apparently fell thru the Strand.  As such, it
thought it was the past, and sent out odd messages from the past.  I
just got one from a Mr. Franklin, inquiring as to what I thought about
his new Bill of Rights.  
Don't fret, though, scientists from the Klingon Home World are
attempting to use the Strand to take over Earth and restore it to its
proper place in the Empire.  Errrr... to fix the strand.  Yea, thats it. 

Seriously..... not quite sure what happened... I'm looking into it.