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NFC: Fw: March has roared in like a lion here in Florida!

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Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 12:23:49 -0500
Subject: March has roared in like a lion here in Florida!
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What a Lion of a month and right on queue too!  It seemed almost the
second March 1st tolled the clock, bingo... winds arrived.  We are so
dry the ground is making sucking noises.

This week starting today until March  17, we have two special email
200 ml Tetraselmis or Selenastrum Algae culture = $9.05 (regularly
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possibly other plankton creatures....a nice varied selection. 2-3 Day
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Just click here -
mailto:March_email_deal at aquaculturestore_com?subject=yo_I_want_that ,
tell me which ones you want, quantity and I will send you a PayPal
request for payment, or wait for payment as you indicate in the email
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must clear before shipment.  Thanks!  This is an email sale only for
those on this list :)


Container Beauty Contest results!

As some of you know, we are always testing our growing procedures for

This last month of February, we had a month long contest between
several contestants and their suitability to be the grand champion
container for the 2001 Aquarium Hobbyists Plethora Consortium (made
this up).

The contestants:
several aquafina 16 ounce bottles, (4) 16 ounce gatorade bottles, a
coffee liquor bottle, a wine bottle, a grape jelly jar, several 2
liter soda bottles, a 5 gallon bucket lined with a plastic bag, and
several 16 ounce soda bottles.  None of the contestants were allowed
to have aeration except two 2 liter soda bottles, and the 5 gallon
bucket.  All of these were seeded with FW rotifers, and fed daily
plankton feed/algae until a lite tint became evident in the water, and
swirled with or without aeration.

The goal of the contest?  To find out which bottles/recycled
containers did the best of course!  A simple premise?  Not at all,
because various containers are suitable for doing the job, some of
these contestants proved, they are better than others!

All were rinsed well, labels taken off, and subjected to rigorous

Judging was done on the following parameters:

1.  Ease of growing
2.  Ease of feeding
3.  Clarity to see the little FW rotifers
4.  Ease of feeding to larval fish.

The results... !  The grape jelly jar, and both liquor bottles all
proved to be excellent in growing FW rotifers.  Although all
bottles/jars/jugs... did well in actually growing the critters, ease
to feed and swirl.  But the liquor bottles and grape jelly jar passed
the others in being able to see the little FW rotifers because of the
clear glass, and smooth sides!  The gatorade bottles require one to
search with their eyes for the concentration of FW rotifers through
the prismatic indentations in the bottles form.  Even the 2 liter
bottles were easier to see, but not as nice as the glass, smooth sided
ones.  So, the smooth sided, glass containers win!


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Happy culturing!

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