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Re: NFC: AAT update


I wouldn't be too concerned.  Probably the biggest issue is just appearance, 
unless the tank is hanging WAY over the edge.

I remember reading over and over in aquarium 'how-to' books that it is 
absolutely essential for a tank to be totally supported - corners, sides and 
all - by whatever it sits on.

Then I visited a tropical fish wholesaler and saw that NONE of his tanks 
were so situated!  Every one had ends and/or sides extending past the base 
on which they sat (double rows of 4X4's, in this case).

After seeing that, I changed my ways, and have used a similar set-up many 
times.  I have never had any problem, and I have used a lot of different 
tank sizes and shapes.

The main thing is just that the tank is sufficiently supported; it must be 
level and solidly centered on whatever the base may be.

So unless the ATT tank is hanging over the edge more than, say, one and a 
half inches, you should be fine.



>From: Sajjad Lateef <sajjad at acm_org>

>Hi folks,
>	I am concerned that, now with the filter, the tank is not fully on
>the narrow shelf anymore. I plan to take a small piece of board cut to the
>tank dimensions and place it under the tank for stability.
>	Since the school closes at the end of May, I will probably take
>the tank home with me and then set it up again in August when school
>starts. I might just get a real stand for the tank at that time.

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