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Re: NFC: Florida Collecting

Im in...

On Tue, 6 Mar 2001 14:00:41 -0600 Ty_Hall at eFunds_Com writes:
> Well the trip to Daytona failed to materialize, but my wife and I 
> have
> decided that we all need a vacation so, we are planning to head down 
> to the
> Interlachen/Palatka/Gainsville area the week of the 19th. Actually 
> we
> should be getting into town on the 18th or 19th and we will be there 
> until
> Saturday AM the 24th.
> If any of you Northern Florida types would like to get together and 
> go a
> collecting send me a note and I will send a final confirmation once
> everything is written in stone. We have no plans once we get there, 
> other
> then laying on the beach in St. Augustine, so just let me know when 
> your
> available. I'll only be be there during the week, but it's staying 
> dark
> later so if we have to wait until you get off work, that's ok with 
> me.
> Thanks.
> Ty-

Robert Rice NFC  President
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