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NFC: Florida Collecting

Well the trip to Daytona failed to materialize, but my wife and I have
decided that we all need a vacation so, we are planning to head down to the
Interlachen/Palatka/Gainsville area the week of the 19th. Actually we
should be getting into town on the 18th or 19th and we will be there until
Saturday AM the 24th.

If any of you Northern Florida types would like to get together and go a
collecting send me a note and I will send a final confirmation once
everything is written in stone. We have no plans once we get there, other
then laying on the beach in St. Augustine, so just let me know when your
available. I'll only be be there during the week, but it's staying dark
later so if we have to wait until you get off work, that's ok with me.