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NFC: AAT update

Hi folks,

	I installed the Marineland Bio-wheel 125 powerfilter on the AAT
tank last week. Kray the crayfish had molted again. The SRBD were fine and
even showing the bright red-underbellies and yellow sides (meaning that
the water is well-maintained. ) The teacher has incorporated the tank into
her teaching now - there is one five-year old child with ADD and he really
enjoyes watching the fish "dance" to some music that is played for him.
The teacher is amazed that the tank can hold his attention for over 15
minutes at a time.

	I am concerned that, now with the filter, the tank is not fully on
the narrow shelf anymore. I plan to take a small piece of board cut to the
tank dimensions and place it under the tank for stability.

	Since the school closes at the end of May, I will probably take
the tank home with me and then set it up again in August when school
starts. I might just get a real stand for the tank at that time.