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NFC: Native Fish Webring

I've created a Native Fish Netring in hopes of generating more traffic for
websites devoted to North American native fishes.

A "netring" (sometimes called a "webring") is a group of websites with
related content, organized into a circular ring of mutual links, together
with some technology to make it all work. Links on each listed page permit
visitors to go from site to site, to travel the entire ring, eventually
returning to the beginning page. Netrings let web visitors quickly and
reliably find sites with related subjects. Generally speaking, netrings
encourage visitors to view like-minded sites that they may not have
otherwise have visited.

For more information about netrings or webrings, please visit

To sign up for the Native Fish Netring, please visit

As of now, there's only my two pages linked into the webring. Eventually, of
course, the goal is to have as many native-fish sites that exist linked in
if they so wish. Some folks love webrings, others hate 'em. It's up to the
individual site's owner to decide if they'd like to participate. I intend to
actively provide support to the ring and its members -- ensuring ringcode is
properly placed, answering questions, and so on. My netring email address
(that will be published on the Web) is nativefish at hotmail_com. To you fine
folks on the email list, I can always be reached at chuckmiro at wdn_com.

Chuck Mir
Northern Virginia & Washington, D.C.