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Re: NFC: Re: Acipenser ruthensis (sp?)

Thanks much, I have only found the name, proper one,
not the other I posted, on two lists in the Acipensers
but not an iota of info on them.

I was curious as I found that SeaGrest (sp?) in Fla is

distributing them, I saw one this week in a shop up in
the Rochester,NY area. Pretty little thing as
sturgeons go, very active and loves adult artemia, but
not holding its own well with a big pleco in the tank
for food. I told him to feed it well and I would take
it if
he could get several others. 

Seems like they are a good candidate for an outdoor
pool. All the NA sturgeons are endangered or 
threatened either with the feds or the states. But
there are a couple of private hatcherys raising the
Lake and River Sturgeons, they get a tad larger.

These are pricey but would make nice subjects for
large tanks. 

The CITES II doesnt prohibit trade but regulates it
and its the umbrella under which the caviar trade
functions. Some states here have restrictions in state
laws requiring permits to handle any sturgeon parts,
NY has that, I talked to the area DEC fisheries rep
and he laughed and said we could have fingerling lakes
if any died the person would be in trouble if they
didnt THEN have the state permit. I think he was half
joking, but, some bueracrat in Albany might not.

thanks again,

--- Lisa Brinkman <lisab at netrover_com> wrote:
> Sterlet  -  Acipenser  ruthenus  Linnaeus, 1758
> Distribution:
>                       Basins of Black and Caspian
> seas; Arctic
>                       drainages to White and Kara
> seas and the Sea of
>                       Azov. Endangered (Ref. 6866).
> Appendix III of the
>                       Bern Convention (protected
> fauna). International
>                       trade restricted (CITES II,
> since 1.4.98).
>   Diagnosis: Dorsal spines (total): 13-13; Dorsal
> softrays (total):
> 28-28; Anal spines: 9-9; Anal
>                       soft-rays: 14-18
>   Biology:      A fluvial fish which inhabits rivers
> and their
> tributaries (Ref. 9696). Like other  sturgeons, it
> aggregates in bottom
> holes in winter and exhibits little activity. In
> spring, when ice
> breaks, it rises from the bottom holes and moves
> upstream for spawning.
> For spawning, the fish choose the main channel of
> the river, where the
> current is fast and the bottom is covered with
> gravel.
>   Max. size:  125.0 cm TL; max.weight: 16 kg; max.
> reported age: 20
> years
>   Environment:   freshwater; brackish ; depth range
> - 1 m
>   Climate:  temperate; 46N - 37N
> And just for fun:
> Synonyms:
> Acipenser ruthensis,  Acipenser pygmaeus,  Acipenser
> kostera,  Acipenser
> marsiglii,  Acipenser kamensis, Acipenser
> aleutensis,  Acipenser
> gmelini,  Acipenser ruthenus grisescens, Acipenser
> ruthenus leucotica,
> Acipenser kankreni, Acipenser lovetzkyi,   Sterledus
> ruthenus sibiricus,
> Acipenser jenisensis, Acipenser dubius, Acipenser
> ruthenicus,
> Acipenser ruthenus albinea, Acipenser ruthenus
> birostrata,  Acipenser
> ruthenus obtusirostris, Acipenser ruthenus
> septemcarinata,  Acipenser
> sterlet, Acipenser ruthenus alba, Acipenser ruthenus
> brevirostris,
> Acipenser ruthenus erytraea, Acipenser ruthenus
> ruzskyi
> jake levi wrote:
> > Hi all
> >
> > not sure of the spelling above, but looking for
> sites
> > with info on this small sturgeon.
> >
> > jake
> >
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