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Re: NFC: Re: Acipenser ruthensis (sp?)

Sterlet  -  Acipenser  ruthenus  Linnaeus, 1758
                      Basins of Black and Caspian seas; Arctic
                      drainages to White and Kara seas and the Sea of
                      Azov. Endangered (Ref. 6866). Appendix III of the
                      Bern Convention (protected fauna). International
                      trade restricted (CITES II, since 1.4.98).
  Diagnosis: Dorsal spines (total): 13-13; Dorsal softrays (total):
28-28; Anal spines: 9-9; Anal
                      soft-rays: 14-18
  Biology:      A fluvial fish which inhabits rivers and their
tributaries (Ref. 9696). Like other  sturgeons, it aggregates in bottom
holes in winter and exhibits little activity. In spring, when ice
breaks, it rises from the bottom holes and moves upstream for spawning.
For spawning, the fish choose the main channel of the river, where the
current is fast and the bottom is covered with gravel.
  Max. size:  125.0 cm TL; max.weight: 16 kg; max. reported age: 20
  Environment:   freshwater; brackish ; depth range - 1 m
  Climate:  temperate; 46N - 37N

And just for fun:


Acipenser ruthensis,  Acipenser pygmaeus,  Acipenser kostera,  Acipenser
marsiglii,  Acipenser kamensis, Acipenser aleutensis,  Acipenser
gmelini,  Acipenser ruthenus grisescens, Acipenser ruthenus leucotica,
Acipenser kankreni, Acipenser lovetzkyi,   Sterledus ruthenus sibiricus,
Acipenser jenisensis, Acipenser dubius, Acipenser ruthenicus,
Acipenser ruthenus albinea, Acipenser ruthenus birostrata,  Acipenser
ruthenus obtusirostris, Acipenser ruthenus septemcarinata,  Acipenser
sterlet, Acipenser ruthenus alba, Acipenser ruthenus brevirostris,
Acipenser ruthenus erytraea, Acipenser ruthenus ruzskyi

jake levi wrote:

> Hi all
> not sure of the spelling above, but looking for sites
> with info on this small sturgeon.
> jake
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