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RE: NFC: Garter Snakes

I have to laugh....the only thing I can thing of on this topic is the
many times I was fishing in Kansas, and water snakes always made a
grab at the stringers of crappie...

Which oddly enough reminds me of the time I was out collecting (at
night) and saw a fish I wanted to get... started stalking, and was
slowly pushing the fish towards a rock.  The millisecond the fish got
to the rock, a swirl of ooze puffed out from under the rock.  I
realized immediately what had happened, but it didn't stop me from
placing a hand on the rock and moving it gently over to reveal
another, bigger mouthed fish, had scarfed up my target.

I will keep a look out for unusual garters for you Robert....as they
start to roam soon "en mass" around here.  But, if you decide to take
Iguanas instead... just come by and pick up Lizardo.  He's, mmmmm....
3 feet now, and free to a good home.


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