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NFC: Fw: please help

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From: "D.T.B jordan" <dtb.jordan at home_com>
Mr. Rice
 My name is Dale Jordan of Winnipeg , Canada and have been in fish for many years .You may recognize the name from my articles and collecting trips to the Amazon for Discus . I have recently ventured into the "native" fish area , with most of my interest being with the Sunfish . I have collected , through various people , many color forms of longears and almost every other Sunfish species . At present I have spawned Dollars , Black banded and the Ohio color form of the longear , but one is giving me problems ! I managed to get a full size adult pair Kansas longears from Luke McClurge in early December . Water temp. is 75 , hardness is 800 ppm , day cycle is 16hrs and the female is gravid .I have five black spot Sunfish ( same size as female , 3.5'' ) as dither fish in the tank .My male does make his spawning pit , but does not seem  attentive to the female . Once and a while he will back her into the corner but it does not last long . I seem to be missing some "trigger" to bring him into spawning . Would you recommend maybe putting one of the Ohio males in the tank ? ( as to get him more protective of his territ. ) Cold water changes ? Anything you can think of to bring him to getting more interested , would be appreciated ????
Thank you Kindly
Dale Jordan 
Should you know anyone or have any Longear from Arkansas , Tennessee or Kentucky , that would be willing to sell , trade or whatever , PLEASE let me know !!