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NFC: Re: Off Topic (Slightly): Florida Crypts

Must be the rival gang member of the Florida 'bloods".....

Cant say I have run into this plant by that name ever.. and checking all my
source books for aquatic plants I cannot find a listing either... would be
great if you can manage to get a picture of one to let me take a peek at

Chris Guppenberger
Research Biologist
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Subject: NFC: Off Topic (Slightly): Florida Crypts

> Hey Everyone
> Ther'es a mystery plant showing up regularly around here.  Both on
> wholesale lists and in the stores, its being sold as "Florida Crypt."  I
> have a customer who's curious as to what it might be, and I must
> confess, he's gotten me very curious, too.  I hate not knowing stuff.
> :)   Anyone have any clues on this plant -- at the very least, a true
> id?
> JOshua

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