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NFC: Canadian Breeder of Longears and Blackbandeds

This gentelman has been breeding Dollars,longears and Blackbandeds in Canada....SO if you live in Canada and need some sunnies contact him please.....

Robert Rice NFC  President
Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy
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From: "D.T.B jordan" <dtb.jordan at home_com>
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Mr. Rice
 My name is Dale Jordan of Winnipeg , Canada and have been in fish for many years .You may recognize the name from my articles and collecting trips to the Amazon for Discus . I have recently ventured into the "native" fish area , with most of my interest being with the Sunfish . I have collected , through various people , many color forms of longears and almost every other Sunfish species . At present I have spawned Dollars , Black banded and the Ohio color form of the longear , but one is giving me problems ! I managed to get a full size adult pair Kansas longears from Luke McClurge in early December . Water temp. is 75 , hardness is 800 ppm , day cycle is 16hrs and the female is gravid .I have five black spot Sunfish ( same size as female , 3.5'' ) as dither fish in the tank .My male does make his spawning pit , but does not seem  attentive to the female . Once and a while he will back her into the corner but it does not last long . I seem to be missing some "trigger" to bring him into spawning . Would you recommend maybe putting one of the Ohio males in the tank ? ( as to get him more protective of his territ. ) Cold water changes ? Anything you can think of to bring him to getting more interested , would be appreciated ????
Thank you Kindly
Dale Jordan 
(204) 668 9780
Should you know anyone or have any Longear from Arkansas , Tennessee or Kentucky , that would be willing to sell , trade or whatever , PLEASE let me know !!