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NFC: Fw: Doings and research Report for the end of February 2001

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From: "Paul Sachs" <deano at aquaculturestore_com>

For the period of one week, ending on March 2, 2001, I will hold a
special for all the people on the email list:  200 mls Fresh Water
Rotifer Culture for $13.95
or a 200 mls FW Rotifer Culture and a 200 ml FW Algae for $18.95.
Booth are  Postage paid.  Just click here -
and I will send you a PayPal request, or wait for payment as you
indicate in the email (so say PayPal or check :)  - checks must clear
before shipment.  Thanks!

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Fat Heads, fiddler crabs, Ceriodaphnia, and more :)

xmas in february:

FW rotifer discussion - melanotaenia boesemani and recent mediahouse
picture postings ;)

Happy Mardi Gras!


PS - I've got some good stuff to put up on inside - small scale
culturing, at present the pictures are being gathered into mediahouse
at SSA
www.aquaculturestore.com/mediahouse (a directory of pics and files)
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