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Re: NFC: Garter Snakes

I amnot a 'snake-friendly' person, not ever.I have
killed too many rattlers where they didnt need to be,
cobras in the far east, mambas in SA and their cousin
in Israel. I will never get warm fuzzy feelings about

But, one that I see that is pretty enough to take a
2nd look at is the tiny little greens ones I see in
the grass etc, I dont stomp garters, but, I dont
cuddle them either :-(

these little green guys are nice to look at though,
--- Lehmanwell at aol_com wrote:
> In a message dated 2/22/2001 2:53:51 PM Central
> Standard Time, 
> robertrice at juno_com writes:
> << I am particularly looking for some Texas and
> western species but am
>  always on the lookout for a pretty snake. >>
> Have you ever seen the Texas garter snake?  Black
> head, yellow and deep blue 
> banding.  Usually catch two or three a year in the
> backyard.  Could never get 
> them to feed in captivity (Son keeps pythons, so we
> kinda know what we're 
> doing) so we always let them go, but you may have
> better luck.
> Jack
> p.s. Found my NFC dues renewal on my desk today, so
> its finally on its way.

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