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Re: NFC: Re: Garter Snakes

The rule is red touch yellow kill a fellow :)

Or any Black head coul mean your dead...


.  Suddenly the "Red 
> next to
> yellow, your a dead fellow" got confused with "Red next to black, 
> your a
> dead jack!"  It was two feet long, longer than I thought coral 
> snakes could
> get so I cought it.  This snake was GEORGOUS!  Most amazing color 
> I've ever
> seen.  I was so hopeful it was a milk snake...one, so I could get 
> away with
> keeping it in the house, and two, I had about a two mile walk ahead 
> of me
> otherwise holding the most venomous snake in North America.
> Long story short...it ended up being a coral snake...even though the 
> wife in
> her terror was actually awestruck by the beauty of such a "beast," 
> it was a
> big no-go for keeping it.  Turns out they're almost impossible to 
> keep alive
> anyway.  They only eat skinks and a few salamanders I guess.  If 
> you've ever
> tried to catch a skink you realize how likely it was that this baby 
> would
> end up starving to death anyway :)
> Larry