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NFC: Next NFC Auction...

Running a bit late this month but will do an auction 2/24 -2/28 stating
at 8 am est ending at 6 pm est

So place your ads now

The NFC's Simple Aquarium Society Style Auction.
The Rules:

1. Anyone who does not follow all state and federal laws and the NFC no
release policy or is a deadbeat trader will be banned for life no

2. Agree to Pay THE NFC A 30% of sale price (excluding postage) auction

3. NFC members only may place ads.

If you agree to the rules you may place your ad with robertrice at juno_com
for posting and or review and we will take it from there. All legal
plants/fishes/animals/dry goods are allowed in this auction. Your ad MUST
state a box size (15 shiners as an example) and include shipping info.
I.E. does the bid price include shipping? How shipped etc.

Disclaimer: All participants are expected to follow all state/federal
laws and the NFC takes no responsibility for trader's actions. All
participants promise to follow a NO release policy under any conditions.
The NFC is only the Auctioneer and not the broker/owner/trader of any
items on this Auction forum. All parties agree to hold the NFC faultless
for any illegalities or disputes.


Robert Rice NFC  President
Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy