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Re: NFC: PoP Eye help

Jim Capelle wrote:

> Stephen;
>      What is a Gyotaku table?  If it's food type table  I have two
> questions. What if this fish is infected with more then just a bacterial
> disease? Is eating it a real good idea? Next we'll be reading about a Mad
> Fish disease.   I guess you could say mercury poisoning could take on
> similar symptoms of Mad Cow disease, in the neurological effects.     Just
> my two cents at this late hour with a head cold to boot.   JiM C.

   wow, talk about missed.....   just found this post, jim sorry....   no
eating involved...

I am an artist and make Gyotaku prints.....    Japanese fish printing....

at times the tank in the living room serves  as a way-station for fish I have
caught awaiting printing....

   more oft than not, they stay they too long and are difficult to part

I would probably euthanise this largemouth and makes some prints, but she seems
to have damaged some areas of scales on the tank strata..     would not be the
best printing specimen...

    maybe she was just buying time..


                              Stephen Di Cerbo
                          stephen at stormtree_com

       " Here comes the trout that must be caught with tickling. "

                           - William Shakespeare -